September 28, 2019

Bulgari Serpenti - The stunning watch that took the world by storm

Started in 1884 in Rome, Bulgari has always been the epitome of beauty and style, rolled into one. The timeless and everlasting Bulgari watches draw inspiration from Roman and Greek art, thus creating an amalgamation of ethereal beauty and on-the-spot perfection. 


Right from its inception, Bulgari has always used the element of surprise and innovation to keep raising the bar for luxury watches. 

The Bulgari Serpenti collection, which is particularly known to embody both mystery and seduction alike mystery, has for years been transformed and been transformed into timepieces and jewelry for women.

But what is the factor that makes the Bulgari Serpenti such an amazing icon in the world of horology? After all, the curved case and the wrap-around strap and bracelet have been around before. 


An amateur horologist might say that Bulgari may have simply hit the lottery in picking out a motif that has been historically associated with feminine seduction, but it is the innovative construction that gives the Serpenti its exceptional soul.


Did you know the collection’s most recognizable Tubogas or ‘gas pipe’ technique was inspired by a way of jewelry making that dates back to the Roman times, where the twine was bent and twisted? Bulgari saw this as a great opportunity for making watch bands, and bracelets which were offered both comfort and flexibility and that was how the Bulgari Serpenti was born.

The reason why the Serpenti is so appealing to the female demographic as a whole is because of the simplicity and elegance it offers. While some models of the Bulgari Serpenti have returned to the simple Tubogas bracelets, and some others take on the appearance of scales. 

Even the materials that the Bulgari Serpenti watches are made to have been evolving over the years and have only been getting better.


How it looks and feels: 


The Bulgari Serpenti comfortably coils around the wrist and is sure to mesmerize anyone who sees it. From the signature and most well known pink-sapphire dial to the simplistic black one,  Bulgari's Serpenti collection is quite symbolic to the universal symbol of power and synergy, the snake.


The strap :

The strap of the Bulgari Serpenti differs from model to model. While the Tubogas comes with a flexible band without any soldering, the Serpenti Spiga has several leather straps, in a variety of colors to choose from.



The construction: 

The Bulgari Serpenti’s extremely intricate construction is light years ahead of its time, pun intended.  The way the watch hugs and conforms to the wrist is all thanks to the Tubogas technique. This technique was originally developed and used by many jewelry makers up until the late forties.


The components : 

The body of the Bulgari Serpenti bracelet is extended naturally by polished and curved triangular watch case, which represents the head of the serpent.  

While the diamond variants are set with around 38 brilliants around the perimeter (0.29ct), the crown is set with a pink rubellite cabochon, which adds a slight accent of color.  The watch case measures about 35mm in length and about 9 mm in thickness and comes with scratch-proof and glare-proof sapphire crystal.  



The Bulgari Serpenti Collection has a simple hour and minute function which consists of a Swiss quartz movement that has been customized for Bulgari, Calibre B033 with a frequency of 32,768 vibrations/hour, diameter of 11.00 mm and thickness of 2.65 mm.   


Summary : 

Frankly, most women wear the Bulgari Serpenti more as jewelry rather than a watch in itself.  The Serpenti bracelet is quite the eyecatcher, and most women equate bracelet watches to a much more elite watch. The Bulgari Serpenti provides quite a stylish and unique option in this case.  The Bulgari Serpenti conveys a lot about the woman wearing it too. Both sensual and enigmatic, mysterious yet elegant, the Bulgari Serpenti truly reflects the modern, confident woman of today who is not in the least bit afraid to embrace change and venture beyond the simple life.


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