1. Do you a shop where we can view the watch?
  2. We have an office registered in HKG, located in peking road, TST, - where you can come and view the watch in person. Kindly contact us and book an appointment preferably prior to your visit

  3. How do I know the authenticity of the watch?
  4. We sell watches with International warranty provided by the original manufacturer/brands. The warranty will also bear the name of the Authorised retailer, whose validity you can check online with the original manufacturer's website.

  5. Does your watch come with a warranty?
  6. Yes, the watches are sold full set with international warranties provided by the manufacturere such as Rolex, Cartier, Omega, etc. The duration of the warranty depends on each brand, details of which can be found under each of our products

  7. What are the methods of payment and how we can proceed?
  8. Currently, we accept only cash or bank transfer. Our terms and conditions can be found on (terms page). For further information, please contact us directly via e-mail or telephone

  9. How do i search for a specific watch on the website?
  10. You can conveniently find the required watch by accessing the search bar on the top of the screen.

  11. How do I sell my watch?
  12. You can contact us directly by email or can send the details via (Sell your watch page). You will be contacted within the shortest possible time

  13. Does the price shown include the shipping costs also?
  14. No. The price given is for ex-Hong Kong only. Regarding further shipping costs, please contact us directly.

  15. Are the prices given tax-free?Can we receive the watches in our country without tax?
  16. The prices given are for local delivery in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong is a free port, there is no additional tax or duty involved. For shipping to other countries, we are not responsible for the local taxes you may incur in your country. Once payment for the watch + shipping charges are received, we will send the watches to you directly - after which the local taxes in your country has to be sorted by yourself.

  17. What is your return policy?
  18. We do not encourage the return of goods once sold. After checking on the watch, making the payment and receiving the watch, if there are problems with the watch - the international warranty provided by the brands will cover the service/repair charges. We sell our watches, after thoroughly examining and checking each and every product before a sale is done.

  19. What is your exchange policy for used watches?
  20. We welcome both purchasing used watches and exchange of watches if you want to buy from us. Please contact us directly for further information.