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Rolex: A Status Symbol For Luxury Watches

Rolex is most often everyone’s first choice when it comes to zoning in on a brand for a luxury watch. The historic brand with its spectacular movement and sophisticated style even had the most coveted Spy Action Hero, James Bond saying- “He could not just wear a watch. It had to be a Rolex!”

It is true, Rolex is not just a watch brand name, it is a statement, a conversation starter, a standard of quality and the epitome of luxury and style. Once you see a Rolex, you know in an instant you are in the presence of greatness. The fact that each Rolex watches for men and women are crafted only from the finest of raw materials available, and assembled by expert watchmakers with an eagle eye, is testament to why the brand has made such a mark in the horological industry.

Rolex watches have always been the epitomes of luxury and style, like owning a Chanel dress or a Louis Vuitton bag. So what is the secret to Rolex’s unbeatable success in the world of horology? The answer is : consistency.

Like any amateur watch lover would know, the design of the Rolex has remained almost the same over decades, retaining their recognizability and increasing their collector’s value. Eternally timeless, Rolex watches are often passed on from one generation to another, and are brilliant heirlooms.

Another reason for Rolex's indomitable reputation is the fact that they’ve always remained independent, with in-house manufacturing. Their discreet company policies, private CEOs who hardly give interviews, and rare tours of their factory workshops, unlike other brands, keep the interest in the brand and the watch, alive till date.

Rolex is known for its brilliant models like the ever popular Daytona and the Rolex Submariner. Elegant and subtly spectacular, the Rolex Datejust has achieved mythical status and is often considered the most esteemed model in the Rolex collection.

If you are looking at luxury watches as a way of investment, then Rolex is the perfect watch for you. The safest possible bets would be to look at well-kept models, that only increase in value over time.

Whether brand new or vintage, when you buy a Rolex watch, remember that you are buying what is more than just a watch. Rolex is your number one brand to go to if you’re looking for brilliant Swiss watchmaking, stable value and harmonious designs - the three unbeatable qualities in watchmaking. No matter who you are, Rolex has something for your individual taste. From platinum to 18-karat solid gold, to stainless steel models, and beautiful designs, you can choose between a wide range of options.

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