July 06, 2018

Tudor Watches - A walk back into the Streets of History

Watches have a way of weaving into your hearts without you even realizing them. They give you this sense of responsibility and a purpose, when you strap them on, ready to face the world. What do you remember about buying your first watch?

Back when we were growing up, wearing watches to school was something only the cool, older kids got to do. I could not wait to turn twelve, because I knew that it would be time for my first watch, too. I still remember the smell of the new box which it came in, that I keep my knick-knacks in, to date. It was a Titan, a far cry from the luxury watches of today, but it was priceless to me, giving me a sense of adulthood and responsibility when I wore it to school.

Speaking of luxury watches, Tudor is one of the most well-known luxury watches now, but did you know it was founded long before the word “luxury” was ever even connected to a single mechanical watch? The founder Hans Wilsdorf, who also is known for founding Rolex, yet another luxury brand, conceived the Tudor mark to be worn with a sense of purpose.


Phoenix Watch Company - Tudor


Way back in 1946, Wilsdorf started Montres Tudor SA brand with a specific purpose - to produce and manufacture luxury watches at the same high-quality level as it’s parent brand Rolex. The difference was that Tudor watches would come at a much more modest, affordable price, making them more accessible to the public.


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This superb move won the admiration and caught the public’s interest - to be able to afford a luxury watch was a dream come true for many. Their first models, which were The Oyster and The Oyster Prince, were a superb amalgamation of Rolex-like quality and panache, and a consumer-friendly retail price, winning the hearts of many would-be horologists. .Tudor has exquisite models both in their sports collection as well as their classic collection


Tudor Sports Collection

The Tudor Sport Collection watches which include the Tudor Sport Chronograph, Tudor Sport Date Automatic, combine performance and dynamism and come in a mixture of materials and contrasting colour combinations. The design of each Tudor watch and its functionality is based on high technology, and it is an absolute pleasure to sport one on your wrist.


Tudor Classic Collection

Tudor’s Classic collection is unique and distinct - you can make out if a watch is from their classic collection by the smooth and silken forms and the elegance they portray. Designed for people who appreciate elegance and creativity, Tudor’s classic collection includes watches like the Tudor Classic Date. Tudor’s women watches also come beautifully adorned with bezels that are set in motifs of the sun, stars or the moon


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For more information on Tudor watches, or if you’re looking to add one to your collection, please visit - https://www.phoenixwatch.hk/brands/brand/7/tudor