June 02, 2018

Top 3 tips when buying a luxury watch

Buying a luxury watch can be a memorable experience as well as a daunting task, when you consider the hours spent behind choosing the perfect one for you. But the effort is totally worth it, because you will be the owner of a classic timepiece.

How can you make sure that you are getting the right deal? Well, here are three tips to keep in mind when you're planning to break the bank to buy your dream watch.


Phoenix Watch Company - Audemars Piguet


Tip 1 : Buy your watch from a transparent and experienced watch retailer
Sure, it is essential to buy a watch from an authorized retailer, but there have been repeated instances of fake watches being found at authorized shops too. Choose a retailer that complies with all the rules, issues a bill against your name and also sells you the watch with all necessary paperwork, warranty cards, etc. Check on the experience of the retailer who you are buying from as well, horology is a science that can be mastered only through the passing of time.

Tip 2 : Test their knowledge
If you want to test a watch store before buying something that valuable, do a bit of research before talking to them about the watch that you’re interested in. Ask questions about the origin, It’s movement and complications; it helps to be well informed. And if your questions aren’t being answered clearly, it might be a good idea to seek expert advice elsewhere

Ensure you’re on the right track, ask the right questions.

Tip 3 : Don’t fall for the “too good to be true” Discounts
Sure, we understand nobody minds a good discount, but we have to bear in mind that every luxury brand only allows discounts up to a particular level to customers across the globe.

Now you might think that the best deal is when you get the highest discount, but the irony of this situation is, that it’s a better deal for the retailer. If you’re getting a discount which is “too good to be true”, it’s very likely that a fake or refurbished product is being passed on to you. And the difference isn’t much either. Avoid the exuberant discounts and enjoy the peace of mind of having bought a risk-free luxury watch.


Phoenix Watch Company - Patek Philippe


Established in 2011, the Phoenix Watch Company specializes in the sales of luxury watches in partnership with our company in Europe in operation for well over 20 years.

Located in the center of the busy shopping and tourist district of Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong, our core expertise is the sale of new and used watches belonging to some of the best Swiss brands known around the world like Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Patek Philippe just to name a few.


Phoenix Watch Company - Rolex


Over the years, Phoenix Watch Company has built an invaluable suppliers database with companies around the world, giving us the benefit of being able to cater to the industry’s insatiable demands. We have also attended an extensive list of watch conventions, giving us a solid reputation in the industry and a company that you can trust in.

We have had the privilege of serving the needs of customers all over Europe, Asia & America, with a reputation for having the best deals both on new and used luxury watches. All of our new watches are sold with box, international warranty and kits provided by the manufacturer.

We at the Phoenix Watch Company do hope that you choose us to be your partner in selecting the watch of your dreams.