January 01, 2018

Omega Seamaster - The best companion to take underwater



The Omega Seamaster has always been one of the horological world’s most famous diving watches to date. With a collection that has unique retro designs, as well as state-of-the-art modern ones, you can find a watch to suit everyone’s unique taste. Since its introduction, the Seamaster has been a favorite among amateur watch collectors and veterans alike. Known to be worn by the world’s most favorite spy, James Bond, the Seamaster collection is sure here to stay. 


Did you know, earlier this year, there were three experimental watches that were especially made, called the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professionals, that set a new world record as the deepest dive watch by 12 meters because they survived a whopping 10,928-meter dive right to the bottom of the famous Mariana Trench?

The history of the Seamaster 


Initially, when it was first conceptualized, the Seamaster was supposed to be a normal-looking all-purpose men's watch, but with high water resistance. This train of thought completely changed in the 1950s, when the Seamaster had an opportunity to live up to its name. It was in 1955 that the world-famous diver, Gordon McLean wore this beauty to a depth of 205 feet, where it emerged completely undamaged. 


The next year, the Seamaster was sent on a treacherous polar route over the North Atlantic and the year after that the Seamaster Professional was launched and gained a good reputation quite quickly among divers across the world. The popularity increased to such an extent that even the military and civil sectors chose the Seamaster as well. The famous Renown oceanographer Jacques Cousteau too took the Seamaster along with him during his experiments with the underwater station Precontinent II off the Sudanese coast in the Red Sea. 


Top 3 reasons to buy an Omega Seamaster

  • Water-resistant to 1,200 meters or 3,937 feet)
  • Extensive range of diving watches, right from retro to modern designs
  • Available in platinum, stainless steel, ceramic, gold and also titanium cases 


Movement :


The Seamaster models come with predominantly mechanical calibers with Co-Axial escapements. The biggest advantage of this superb technology is that this mechanism is known to cause less friction and thus can function with lesser lubrication. It also has the exact jolt resistance as a regular escapement.  Omega also has some versions of the Seamaster that come with quartz calibers, like the Diver 300M for women, which has a diameter of 28 millimeters, and the Aqua Terra 150M series which has quartz watches.


Price :

The price of the Seamaster 300 can vary anywhere between $4500 and $23,200. If you're interest is piqued in a vintage model from the 1960s, you can expect to shell out about  $9,100 USD for a good condition timepiece.


There are three variations of size in the three-hand edition:  28, 36, and 41 mm. While thE 36 and 41 mm models feature automatic movements, the 28 mm version is powered by a quartz movement. The 28-mm watch also does not have the helium escape valve, which is the reason why it can cost about $1,600 USD, while its larger sisters are about double the price, and are available for about $3,100.


Apart from the three-hand models, the Seamaster Diver 300 is also available as a chronograph, and you can choose to buy one with or without the GMT function. The 41-mm chronograph costs about $4,200 USD for the 41-mm chronograph, while the 44-mm version with a second time-zone is available at $4900.

Celebrities who love the Seamaster :


There are quite a few famous fans of the Seamaster, the most famous one being the world’s favorite spy, James Bond.  The watch has featured in various movies too, like GoldenEye, where Pierce Brosnan wore a classic Diver 300M. Even Daniel Craig,  who is now playing Bond has chosen to remain loyal to the Seamaster. Like in the movie Spectre, where Bond wore two different Seamaster watches while taking on a dangerous mission. The first watch, the 300M version, was first introduced as a special limited edition with only about 7000 produced. Easily recognizable because of their gray and black striped NATO fabric strap, and the black rotating ceramic bezel. The next watch Bond chooses to wear in this movie is an Aqua Terra 150M. Both these watches feature a Co-Axial caliber.


No wonder the Omega Seamaster is known as the “James Bond watch”! Not only spies who go on world missions, but the Seamaster is also popular among other celebrities too, like Prince William, Adam Savage, Joe Biden and even Gabriel Holmes.


Buying guide and choice as an investment.


Built for the people who love adventure and standing apart, the Seamaster line is known to be one of Omega’s most high-tech and robust, high-tech dive models. In addition, the Seamaster models have also been known to be durable and timeless because of what lies inside as well as the build. 


When you are buying a luxury watch, which costs a substantial amount, the question of value retention does come up. It doesn’t matter how unassuming a luxury watch may be, the fact that the money you have invested will not be lost is a reassurance that we all look for. 


The appreciation of the Omega brand has only risen from year to year. This Swiss manufacturer has always been of the best-known and most sought-after watch brands across the world and continues to reign the hearts of millions. So if you’re looking for a solid investment, you don’t have to look too far away! The outstanding reliability of movements and precise workmanship almost guarantee the buyer eternal durability, and the combination of elegance and mystique makes the Seamaster a perfect companion in all phases of life. 



The Seamaster would not only a perfect friend who accompanies you to the beach, but you can also wear it with a pair of jeans, or even a well-cut suit. The water-resistance of 300 meters and incredible looks make it look good on anyone, making it a great allrounder. The watch is super comfortable too, so you can wear it throughout the day, and every day of the week. 


The watch also comes with the automatic certified Master Chronometer movement, with an incredibly high accuracy of +0 to +5 seconds a day on average under, which has been built to withstand any kind of circumstance, like being exposed to severe shocks, or high magnetic fields. Although you probably won’t be in any of the above circumstances, it sure is a comforting thought, knowing you have a companion, that is ready for just about anything!