October 01, 2018

Glashütte Original - A true amalgamation of the modern and the traditional

Which watch lover hasn’t heard of the name Glashütte Original? These priceless watches can easily be differentiated from the crowd, because of the three-quarter base plate that was developed by one of their founding fathers, Ferdinand Adolph Lange. Glashütte Original watches are well known not only for the quality of the finishes, but also because of the very intricate attention to detail, and their pricing, which is lesser when compared to the other luxury watches.


We cannot deny that the name Glashütte Original itself brings to mind only the watchmaking qualities of the highest caliber. The way they have blended the classic, styles of yore,  with the modern design aspects of today is truly remarkable. The jewel in the crown, no pun intended, are their superbly finished in-house calibers and intricate complications, par to none.


Known to be one of the only watch companies in the world who produce all their watches in house, Glashütte Original has a brilliant catalogue that not only comprises of sporty and retro watches but also has models that catch the eye of a more youthful demographic. 


The history of Glashütte:

If you’re ever travelling to Glashütte, the town in Germany, the first thing you would notice before you enter the city is the long and winding road, just as beautiful as the world-famous brand, Glashütte Original.


Early on from the 19th century, to today, perfect watchmaking and Glashütte have been almost synonyms in the world of luxury watches. Join us now on a journey through the iconic story of Glashütte and what the “Original” in Glashütte Original actually means.


The story of how it all began: 


The horological history of Glashütte began in 1843,  with Ferdinand Lange writing a letter to the Royal Saxon government, about opening a watch factory in Glashütte and also educating young apprentices, in the same realm. The diabolically different plan to have each of the apprentices work on one unique specialization enabled the foundation of the Glashütte industry. 


Where did the Glashütte Original name come from?


Although this was quite different than the norm, the Royal Saxon government agreed to give a substantial loan to Lange for kickstarting his plan.  The industry started flourishing so much after, that companies from all over the world started producing watches and adding the word “System Glashütte” to gain extra sales.  It was as a response to these unscrupulous companies, that Glashütte watches started using the word “Original” to prove they indicate they actually were from Glashütte. Although it  in 1916, that Karl W. Höhnel had one of his pendulum clocks marked with the words "Original Glashütte," the first wristwatch to bear the name was manufactured only in 1927.


Top 4 Reasons to buy a watch from Glashütte Original:


We could list a million and one reasons why you would want to buy a Glashütte Original, but for now, let’s take a look at the top four reasons.



  • The wide variety of choice: 



When you’re selecting a watch for your collection from Glashütte Original, either for yourself or a loved one, you have a wide variety of choice in terms of the kind of watch you’d want to invest in. If you’re old-school, you can choose between the classic or retro looks. And if you’re someone who wants a piece that reflects the modern times, you have that option too, with cases in platinum, gold, or stainless steel to choose from. 


  1. The comprehensive ladies collection: 


With not too many luxury brands focussing on the intricate designs for women, Glashütte has always been a class apart and has been manufacturing beautiful women’s luxury watches that are exquisitely designed. With collections like The Pavonina, Lady Serenade, and PanoMatic Luna models, Glashütte Original's Ladies collection is any horologist’s dream come true. 


  1. The intricate complications: 


With the many-layered intricate complications that are made in house like the 

world-famous tourbillon, The Perpetual Calendar, and the Flyback Chronograph, Glashütte Original has a brilliant history of manufacturing brilliant movements,  sure to catch any amateur watch lover’s eye. 


  1. In-house calibers with exquisite finishes: 


Glashütte Original’s in-house calibers have been appreciated by watch-lovers worldwide. Constantly introducing new base movements, and enhancing them every step of the way, the in house calibers of Glashütte Original are surely brilliant. 


Glashütte: In modern times 


The story that began then, continued on through the years. With the turn of this millennium, Glashütte Original kept winning hearts of watch enthusiasts all over the world. Glashütte Original even received the coveted "Watch of the Year" honour in Germany for their Senator Perpetual Calendar watch, in 2000. 


Apart from watchmaking,  Glashütte has had a role to play in the future of horology too. Did you know that in 2001, Glashütte founded the Glashütte Original Alfred Helwig School of Watchmaking to enable students to become highly-qualified watchmakers? The best part is, that any student who graduates from the prestigious Glashütte Original Alfred Helwig School of Watchmaking, automatically secures a  position working for the historic Swiss Watch Company!


Glashütte Original has been known for its handcrafted precision in each watch they manufacture. Even with a relatively smaller collection than the other luxury watch companies, they have managed to not lose ground.


This is because the team at Glashütte Original handcrafts each one of their precision components, for every watch that they manufacture.  Known as the "4 Pillars," these outstanding lines have been known to produce the most beautiful precision timepieces in the world. These “4 Pillars” are - the Art & Technik collection, the Quintessentials collection, the 20th Century Vintage collection, and the Ladies collection.

Pillar 1 - The Glashütte Art & Technik Collection :


The Glashütte Art & Technik collection comprises of 10 watches that are quite technical, but still, capture the true essence of the classic German engineering. The main watch in this collection to look out for is the unmistakable Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon. This brilliant timepiece comes in a platinum case which encompasses a 24 hour home time subdial. 

The Pano Lunar Tourbillion, Panograph, PanoReserve, PanoInverse XL, Panomatic Lunar, and Panomatic Counter XL are the other popular models that are featured in the Glashütte Art & Technik Collection.


Pillar 2 - The Glashütte Quintessentials collection : 


The Glashütte Quintessentials collection is by far the best amalgamation of the finest German mastery and also complicated designs in watchmaking. All the watches in this collection come in brilliantly polished stainless steel and gold bezels that embrace exquisitely designed sombre black or pure white dials that are accentuated with hour and minute markers in turquoise blue. 


The Glashütte Quintessentials collection comprises of 8 watches in its collection,like the  Senator Panorama Date the Senator Chronometer, and the Senator Automatic. The other popular models in this collection are the Senator Hand Date Senator and the Panorama Date Moon Phase.

Pillar 3 : The Glashütte  20th Century Vintage collection :


Designed to commemorate and remember the brilliantly innovate watch models of the sixties and the seventies , this collection comprises of 5 watches. 


The Sixties watches are available to the public in brilliant old-style designs in stainless steel, rose gold and with the choice of black, silver and blue dials. The other more popular models in this collection are the the Seventies Panorama Date, the Sixties Square Chronograph, and the  Sixties Chronograph.

Pillar 4 - The Glashütte Ladies collection:

The Glashütte Ladies collection boasts of three different watch models, Lady Serenade,  The Pavonina and PanoMatic Luna models in an array of variations to choose from. The Lady Serenade, for example, offers the amateur watch enthusiast as many as forty-nine different styles - and if that is not enough, you can choose between rose gold and stainless steel too.  The jewel on the crown, pun intended, are the diamonds that adorn the bezels of the watches. 


The historic PanoMatic Lunar collection has  4 different variations and in turn offers watch lovers several complications like the off-center hour and minute dials, 


As we can see, Glashütte Original watches are truly par to none. Take the Grand Cosmopolite Tourbillon for example, which Glashütte introduced in 2015, it’s exquisiteness is par to none. Or their timeless Lady Serenade, which epitomizes feminine grace. It is no wonder that these luxury timepieces are coveted by every aspiring watch collector. Now that we’ve read about the most famous Glashütte collections, let’s now take a look at the top 5 Glashütte Original watches of all time.


  1. Glashütte Original Observer

The Senator Observer is known to be Glashütte’s modern take on a deck watch, taking a lot of design inspirations  from the original, as the big power-reserve indicator. To the amateur horologists amongst us, the deck watch is nothing but a hand-held pocket watch that was used by navigators as a backup to their ship’s marine chronometer.


Movement : The Senator is powered by the self-winding calibre 100-14 with a 55-hour power reserve that has the Panoramic date at six o’clock and a skeletonized rotor with 21 ct gold oscillation weight bevelled edges.




The Senator Observer retails at about $11,800 on a strap, and about $13,200 with a bracelet.

  1. Glashütte Original Sixties


One cannot talk of Glashütte without talking about the Sixties. The iconic design that is the true embodiment of functionality and design. 


The Glashütte Original Sixties is seemingly inspired by their own history in terms of design and the look and feel. 


The case size, although a bit large at 42 mm never comes across or feels cumbersome, with a myriad dial colours to choose from like stainless steel, rose gold and more. 


Movement: Powered by yet another in-house build, the Glashütte Original Sixties has Calibre 39-52 movement that’s always been admired by watch lovers worldwide for it’s  sapphire crystal case back. 

Price: The Glashütte Original Sixties retails at $9,700.


  1. Glashütte Original Pano Reserve 


The Glashütte Original PanoReserve is the perfect example of the fine balance of intricate design and minimalism. 


The latest PanoReserve models come in red gold, and you have the choice of choosing between the matt black Louisiana Alligator leather strap or a Louisiana Alligator nubuck strap.


Movement: The PanoReserve is powered by a movement called the Calibre 65-01 with a power reserve of 48 hours and consisting of 48 jewels to give it a smooth and long lasting life. Once again,  the beautiful sapphire crystal case back offers a clear view of the characteristic Glashütte intricate movements. 


Price: Glashütte Original PanoReserve retails at $9800


  1. Glashütte Original Pano Lunar Tourbillon


Anyone who’s a fan of Glashütte would agree that over the years, the variety of the “Pano” watches from Glashütte Original has been a visual treat. 


The main attraction is obviously the tourbillon on the dial, but it does not distract the beholder much from all the other information. There is also a blued-steel indicator on the cage, help indicate that the tourbillon doubles is also your seconds' indicator.


Movement: The movement is their in-house caliber 94-12 automatic tourbillon with Panorama (big) date


Price: Glashütte Original PanoReserve retails at $87000

  1. Glashütte Original Seventies Panorama Date


The Seventies Panorama Date is the perfect example of a modern watch with a history behind it.


Continuing the rich traditions of their horology, Glashütte Original took the seventies as an inspiration to offer to their fans an exquisitely finished piece. 


Movement: This beauty is powered by the Calibre 39-47 Glashütte Original manufacturer

movement, comprising of  39 Jewels, a power reserve of 40-hours power reserve which runs at a frequency of 28,800 vph.


Price:  Glashütte Original Seventies Panorama Date retails at about $7000




To summarize, practical experience, expert knowledge and craft skills have been passed on from generation to generation, which reflects in each timepiece that is made at Glashütte Original. 


Glashütte Original has been known for its handcrafted precision in each watch they manufacture. Even with a relatively smaller collection than the other luxury watch companies, they have managed to not lose ground.


Glashütte Original not only has a rich historical heritage supporting it, but also draws from the current generation, innovations to drive the brand to greater heights. With constant perseverance and dedication, the expert watchmakers have strived to create a historic culture of elegance and excellence combined, and boy, it shows!


In our opinion, if you’re investing in a Glashutte, you truly are in for the journey of a lifetime.